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BinkyPet BABY - "LUCAS" and "ELI"

 BinkyPet Newborn Pacifier with Unique Stuffed Animal 

  • Teething & Breastfeeding Support – More than just a funny pacifier to keep kids calm, they help children transition between breastfeeding, bottles, and teething.
  • Child Safe, Orthodontic Design – Each BinkyPet is carefully designed using strict dentistry standards to ensure suckling doesn’t impact tooth or gum health.
  • Plush, Adorable Animals – These soothing stuffed animal toys also make squeezable, huggable travel buddies in car seats, strollers, and cribs.
  • Early Childhood Development – Fun, colorful and made with soft, textured fabric, our teething pacifiers support early learning and play.
  • Latex-Free Pacifier – Each baby pacifier is crafted with medical-grade, BPA-free latex that’s soft, flexible and durable; and completely safe for little boys and girls.

BinkyPet BABY - "LUCAS" and "ELI"

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